Land Rover Transmission Temperature Light

Joe Free

The Land Rover transmission temperature light turns on when the fluid gets hot enough to cause damage to the gearbox.  This light might come on due to an actual temperature issue, or it could be a failing temperature sensor.  We have found that in many cases, it is due to poor circulation of transmission fluid through the transmission cooler.

The hot fluid gets pumped to the transmission cooler, where it is convection-cooled.  In some models, the fluid is water-cooled.  Over time, the transmission cooler can accumulate buildup and becomes less efficient at transferring the heat.

If your transmission temperature light is on, you should get it checked out as quickly as possible.  It could just need a sensor or cooler replacement!  Ignoring the temperature light could potentially cause irreparable damage to the transmission, which will end up costing thousands of dollars for a complete overhaul.


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