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22 inch rims voided my BMW transmission warranty!

If you’re thinking about buying a car with big wheels or rims, you might want to think twice!  I recently had a customer bring his BMW with aftermarket 22 inch rims into the shop with a transmission warning light (looks like a

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Audi CVT with stripped gears and metal in the case

2005 Audi A4 1.8L Turbo CVT Transmission

This vehicle came into our shop with differential failure, ring and pinion melted down. The story behind it is, this vehicle had initially developed a leak at the differential axle seal that had gone unnoticed by the owner until it
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Land Rover Transmission Temperature Light

The Land Rover transmission temperature light turns on when the fluid gets hot enough to cause damage to the gearbox.  This light might come on due to an actual temperature issue, or it could be a failing temperature sensor.  We have
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BMW 325ci Slow Takeoff and Sluggish Acceleration

We had a customer come in with a BMW 325ci, complaining of the following symptoms: Slow takeoff Sluggish acceleration Transmission malfunction indicator light is on (looks like a gear on the dashboard) We performed our free diagnostics check and found
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