1979 Mercedes 450 SEL

Fixin’ it old-school

At FixEuro, we kind of have a thing for older Mercedes-Benz models.  It’s always nice to work on such fine automobiles!  We could tell that this customer took good care of this classic car.  It was clean, with a nice straight body, low miles, and almost perfect interior.

The 79 450 SEL is actually one of the more rare, collectible models.  With its massive 6.9 liter V8, long wheel-base, smooth ride, solid construction, and plush interior, it’s a collector’s dream!

We understand the bond between car and driver, and we take pride in our work.  We treat all of our customers’ vehicles as if they were our own!

In over 20 years of Mercedes transmission rebuilds, we’ve seen quite a few of the older models in our shop.  For the newer vehicles, we typically use a computerized repair database such as ALLDATA to look up the specs for a transmission repair.  Unfortunately, a lot of the older models just aren’t in the database!

One of the things that made this such a fun repair was using our old microfiche viewer to look up the transmission specs for this 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL.